“Developing innovative video competencies for teachers of the Green Industry” is the title of another new project under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

Nine organisations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Germany and Turkey are working together to develop the digital competencies of VET teachers and to facilitate the use of videos as the main tool for digital teaching.


The project consortium has the following objectives:

  1. Improve the digital competences of rural teachers to support wider use of online, blended and distance learning (in rural settings) while respecting European standards and quality frameworks.
  2. Promote video education as a key resource for digital education by providing teachers with the necessary skills and competences to create video resources to complement their current teaching.
  3. Providing rural areas with more effective, flexible and attractive teaching tools for the green industry sector, which will result in greater inclusion of workers from rural areas in a sector with increasing demand for skilled labour.
  4. Promote the recognition of competences for digital apprenticeships by structuring training according to the EU CV and defining recognition systems for learning outcomes already acquired in formal, non-formal and informal contexts.
  5. Achieving digitisation and long-term storage of knowledge of both trainers and workers* through video digitisation and data processing of audio data using innovative machine intelligence.


Official name: VideoTeach

Project website: 

Duration: 1.2.2022- 31.7.2024

Lead partner: RegioVision GmbH, Germany

Partners:  CARDET (Cyprus), FundeuTAD (Spain), Digitaleus (Estonia), Sofia Energy Agency (Bulgaria), VET Anatolian Centre (Turkey), Croatia Energy Cluster (Croatia), Institut Inpro a.s. (Czechia) and Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (Finland)

Funding programme: Erasmus+

Total budget: EUR 362 009

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