In the education field, DIGITALEUS expertise covers the development of educational courses in several life stages such as young education, VET education and adult education, being VET the largest sector with transversal courses for increasing digital literacy, business and administration, entrepreneurship or EU funding, and more specific training about green sectors, big data, online assistance, etc. 

The main common nexus of the provided training is the use of digital tools, where DIGITALEUS is placed in a main role for promotion of digital transformation of the society, which includes the development of supportive digital tools for companies and administrations.

DIGITALEUS provides also in-company training, working with public and private companies in the field of economy, ICT, SME promotion, public investment and business development.

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Power BI

From creating your first graph to trying the latest advanced technique, our collected resources make it easy to learn about Power BI.

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Build a beautiful responsive WordPress site that looks great on all devices. No experience required.

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How to lanch your new company

If you have a business idea and your don’t know where to start, here you can learn every step you need for launching the idea, to the final launching of the Minimum Viable Product.

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Our training tools

Video is the key to sucess

Videos are gaining a main role in every level of daily people interaction.

Following Youtube 2021 report, everyday people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views. In other words, if every single person on earth watched a video on youtube, that’s more than 8 minutes per day per person.

It’s easier for people to learn important info by watching a video than by trawling through a block of text to find out about something.

It saves them time, it’s more enjoyable, and it helps them learn all they need to know.

Video marketing statistics show that text-only and brand messages are a lot less effective than video.

Only 10% of the information is retained after reading a text once, and videos are shared 1200% more than written content.

Innovate in the training?

Digitaleus OU search to innovate in the training methods and tools, using more attractive contents, visual and video based.

Digital tools, gamification and video animation provides differentation from classical training methods.


Formal and non formal training, competences recognition

DIGITALEUS provides also in-company training, working with public and private companies in the field of economy, ICT, SME promotion, public investment and business development.

We have improved competences and CV to more than 200 students trained in the last years thanks to public financing, and the management of more than 10 European projects, with special attention to VET projects (LLP TOI, Erasmus+ KA2), and Interreg cooperation.


Most of the training is based on EU standards, trying to align with European Competences Profiles, following EU structures (EQF, ECVET, etc.) and quality principles (EQAVET).


Especial mention can be done to the company expertise in knowledge recognition systems, both through classical standard methods or developing automatic recognition systems for non-formal and informal training, where DIGITALEUS has developed several roles in projects for the definition of recognition schemes and methodologies.

About Digitaleus

Digital solutions for more efficient organizations.

Training as a bridge for digital divide of society.

Video as a knowledge storage and training tool.

These are our 3 pillars.

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