The innovation on is becoming digital

Video is the key, the future of the knowledge management.

Videos are gaining a main role in every level of daily people interaction. Following Youtube 2021 report, everyday people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube and generate billions of views.

Knowledge transfer, video format

Video marketing statistics show that text-only and brand messages are a lot less effective than video. Only 10% of the information is retained after reading a text once, and videos are shared 1200% more than written content

Flexible, online, video

This formats allows to learn in any moment and any place, with learners deciding their own learning pace.

Contents and doubt resolution has to be online, so reached in any moment.

Testimonies, weminars, video and full audiovisual contents, this is the way to easy the learning.

Story telling and data storage

Story telling and testimonies are probing to reach better attention and retention.

A good story telling is better than any tool for fixing concepts. And story-telling is better if told by the own protagonist.


Managing the data through video processors is the future

ICT Tools are key instruments for making the knowledge accessible, easy to find, and providing it in an attractive format have to be the premises of the ICT tools for knowledge sharing.

The future objective is to create large databases of video knowledge, where tradition, old knowledge and practices can be gathered, processed and stored  creating a mine for future generations

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Training as a bridge for digital divide of society.

Video as a knowledge storage and training tool.

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